Don’t dwell on criticism from anyone who you wouldn’t go to for advice

A short post this week, inspired by the huge amount of keyboard warriors out there these days who appear to think they have a free rein to take to social media and type whatever they like about people, no matter how vile, personal or abhorrent their words may be. It happens far too often and it absolutely disgusts me. Quite how celebrities with social media presences cope is beyond me – it’s no wonder there have been so many desperately sad stories of those who haven’t been able to over recent years and yet the problem continually worsens.

I used to care too much about what people though of me. I still do to some degree (don’t we all, deep down?), though, thankfully, nowhere near as much as I used to. The main reason is that I’m getting much better at not taking things too personally. People will always have opinions but as long as I’m content and happy, and those who are closest to me feel the same, that’s fine by me. There are too many people out there whose opinions I really don’t care a jot for and I’m certainly not going to let those opinions influence how I live my life or what I do. There are also those whose opinions I really do value and I’ll always turn to those people for advice and guidance as their views are almost always helpful and constructive. I do feel that I have that balance right currently and that is a huge factor in influencing my peace of mind.

When things like this happen, I like to remind myself of one key piece of advice which almost always works for me. If someone makes a comment you don’t particularly like, or have an issue with, just ask yourself one question: is that person someone you would usually approach for advice? If it is, there’s justification in considering their comment and maybe having a chat with them. However, if that comment comes from someone who you certainly wouldn’t approach for advice, at any time, then just shrug it off. Most of us know who makes up our inner circle – that select group of people who we trust implicitly and turn to when times get tough, when we need to talk, or when we need a shoulder to lean on. Please don’t dwell on criticism from anyone who you wouldn’t go to for advice. It’s wasted time and energy.

As always, thanks for reading, stay safe and be kind to yourself and others.

Best wishes.



  1. Now Mick. That is very good very simple advice that is easy to both remember and follow. It’s obvious really but someone has to say or write it before it becomes a really sensible and obvious thing. However those type of thoughts , suggestions,ideas are normally the best ones and are little nuggets of gold

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