Live life to the fullest – don’t merely exist

The news of the death of a celebrity is always sad, though sometimes the news hits me harder than others. This was the case when Dave Myers (one half of The Hairy Bikers) passed away recently. I’ve been a huge fan of theirs since they first appeared on our TV screens around twenty years ago. I’ve always enjoyed cooking shows but there was something different about these two. There was no pretentiousness; no fake smiles; not a hint of ego about either of them. It felt as though you were watching two of your pals living out their wildest dreams, and that was hugely endearing. Of course, it also helped that they were northern blokes of a certain age and size, though I’m sure this was another reason for their huge success. They were just two regular, immensely likeable guys, who became incredibly popular as a result of their kind nature, and undoubted love and enthusiasm for life.

The tributes to Dave when he passed spoke volumes. The most poignant were from Dave’s partner in crime, Si, and Dave’s wife, Lili. Within her public message, Lili said this about him:

My husband, David Myers, was a larger-than-life character and he did everything with passion, enthusiasm, and generosity of spirit. His energy was endless when it came to cooking and talking recipes, or biking and talking bikes. An amazing storyteller! And through his stories and TV appearance,  he was constantly inspiring and encouraging people to cook, travel, to live their life to the fullest. An exceptional husband, wonderful stepdad, loyal friend and in his own words, a creator, never a follower.

He was clearly universally loved and there were many examples on Twitter (I refuse to call if ‘X’…) of people who had met him and said he was an absolute diamond. Though it was this post, in particular, which really struck a chord with me:

There’s so much to take from this. When I die, I hope I’ve lived a life so amazing that it will prompt others to say ‘he did everything with passion, enthusiasm, and generosity of spirit’. Is there really any other way to live? I’d also like to live a life where I’m more of a creator than a follower. Though it’s the words in that image/Tweet that I found really powerful. If you’re able to do so without falling into hideous debt, take that trip you’ve been humming and hawing about. Buy that car/bike/guitar/handbag/watch/whatever it may be that you’ve been lusting over. Wear the clothes you’re saving for that special occasion (what if that special occasion never materialises?) But, more importantly, away from the material possessions / spending money aspect of this, please try to value the moment and live fiercely.

‘Live fiercely’. Jeez – those two short, simple words slapped me right across the face. Embrace life. Dive headlong into things that interest you. Whatever works for you, do more of it. Whatever doesn’t work for you, do less of it. Spend more time with the people who energise you and make you smile. Spend less time with the people who suck the life out of you and make life a drag. Tell people you love them. Support, encourage and be a cheerleader for others – don’t belittle people or try to bring them down. Just live life to the fullest – don’t merely exist…

Best wishes.


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