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Regular readers will know that I am a fan of motivational images / videos etc and I have a huge amount stored on my phone. There is certain content which I frequently revisit, because I either need a pick-me-up, some motivation, a reason to laugh, or a reminder of the simple yet vitally important things in life. I’ve been doing this even more often than usual during the lockdown and I’d therefore like to share some of my favourite video clips with you. I’ve split these into 2 distinct sections – life-affirming, and motivational. I hope you find something worth keeping and revisiting here.


The Story of 2020

A much-viewed clip for me over recent weeks and a reminder that the vast majority of us will get through this hideous situation. We will be living in a changed world but most of us will make it.

Old couple dancing

If this doesn’t make you smile, you must have a tin can for a heart! A joyous reminder that life – every single day of it – is for living.

Bus driver and young girl dancing to Shake It Off

Just 13 seconds of pure joy!

Tony Walsh – This Is the Place

The poet Tony Walsh wrote this following the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017. You don’t have to be from Manchester to appreciate the sentiment here. A hugely powerful message of defiance.

Tony Walsh – Up ‘Ere

Essentially a follow-up piece to This Is the Place, this is every bit as good. Again, you don’t have to be from the north-west to appreciate the sentiment here. Another hugely powerful message of defiance, pride and love.


Prince EA: Everybody dies, but not everybody lives

Probably my most-watched video. With over 10million views on YouTube, this is hardly under-the-radar content, though the message is vitally important. If ever I wake up feeling lethargic and lazy, another viewing of this always jolts me into action.

William McRaven – If you wanna change the world, start off by making your bed

Simple yet brilliant advice from Navy SEAL William McRaven.

Brian Blessed – There’s no-one like you!

A minute of pure magic from the indomitable Brian Blessed. This contains a little mild swearing but it’s certainly worth it for what is one of my favourite quotes!

Joe Wicks – My 10-year overnight success

There’s much to admire about Joe Wicks, yet, in a quintessentially British way, there are still sections of our society who love to build people up, place them on pedestals, then hurl rocks at them when they achieve any form of success. I love this story, again a reminder that hard work counts, and we should all be applauding this guy, for many reasons but certainly for ensuring significant numbers of us, primarily children, are starting each weekday in a positive manner during the current situation. We need fewer critics in the world and more people like Joe Wicks.

How successful people think

When I doubt my ability to achieve anything of note (and that happens frequently), I refer back to this. Basically, a reminder that hard work is the only option, though it helps when that message is reinforced by the likes of Usain Bolt, Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and others.

Dr Lynne Gribble – Phone and focus

Pertinent to this blog, this highlights some uncomfortable truths about mobile phone use. Watch it, squirm a little, and decide if something needs to change…

Thanks for reading, stay calm and, as always, take care and stay safe.

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